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o2 15 07 2012

Observation from Indonesian Indo Livestock 2012


Observation from Indonesian Indo Livestock 2012.
After visiting Indo Livestock for the past two days, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my views.

My first impression was that this event and the companies involved in the event have increased in terms of professionalism since previous events I’ve been to. It is interesting to the see the number of companies that are showing the link between feed, chicken production, and food. During the event, there was a special hole for food only and very much the thing was education and also demonstrating to customers some aspects of branding and traceability as you can see in the video.

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o2 15 07 2012

Shanghai Pengxi to set up 40 dairy ranches in Anhui province


Recently, Shanghai Pengxi signed an agreement with Anhui province. In the agreement, Pengxi pledges to invest RMB one billion to construct 40 high quality ranches. According to the agreement, the total investment will reach RMB 30 billion over the next five years. These projects will include feed processing, breeding, dairy processing, waste recycling and other industrial areas.

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