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Market intelligence and growth strategy

Succeeding in Asia's agribusiness environment today requires agricultural companies to understand the contours of an ever-changing competitive terrain. Consumers, governments, and NGOs in Asia are all placing new demands on our producers. This environment requires agribusiness players to have up-to-date market intelligence concerning their specialized field.

AAC provides this intelligence through both secondary and primary research methodologies. Our secondary research consists of data mining from electronic sources, industry journals, association publications and animal health industry journals in any Asian language.

Our primary research methods consist of phone surveys and face to face interviews with industry specialists, decision makers for relevant agribusiness companies, online surveys and focus groups. Our experienced and specialized team of researchers are skilled at collecting and presenting targeted information. We endeavour to work closely with our clients in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of their products, challenges and needs. Furthermore, our experienced team can anticipate our clients' needs and solve questions which are yet to be asked.

Using resources provided by our clients and our own market intelligence we can design creative, practical and results-driven growth strategies. Our Director, Michael Boddington, and our team of consultants have a wealth of experience in agribusiness industries. We are with our clients all the way, through to the implementation of our recommended growth strategy and beyond. AAC is in this for the long haul.

For more information on our research methods and to find out how AAC can help your company develop its next growth strategy, please contact our consultants at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

market intelligence and growth strategy

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At Asian Agribusiness Consulting our mission is the promotion and development of agribusiness across Asia. We provide specialist research and consulting services for our clients who have intentions of ratcheting up their presence in Asia be they start-ups companies to blue-chip companies.

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