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New China chief for Wine Australia, David Lucas

EXPERIENCED Asian wine operator David Lucas is the new regional general manager greater China for Wine Australia.

“David has spent the past 20 years in Asia and has significant experience within the wine and spirits categories across North Asia,” Wine Australia chief executive officer Andreas Clark said.

“David has undertaken multiple roles for ASC Fine Wines, one of the largest importers and distributors of Australian wines in China, including vice president sales, and thus has a deep understanding of Chinese channel management.”

Prior to ASC Fine Wines, Mr Lucas spent many years at Bacardi and Allied Domecq developing spirits markets.

“With exports to Greater China now approaching $1 billion, it is essential that we strengthen the resources we have in the market to develop even bigger and deeper relationships,” Mr Clark said.

“Under the $50 million Package investment, we rolled Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan markets into the remit of our team in Shanghai.

“David’s channel management background across China and Asia will allow us to reinforce our ability to act as a key bridge between our wineries and brands and the market with all of its complexities, giving us a huge opportunity to continue our stunning growth.”

Willa Yang, who has managed the China team for many years, continues as head of market for China reporting to Mr Lucas.

(Source: Belinda Willis, The Advertiser, March 5, 2018)

DBN Invests CNY440 Million on Ecological Farming Project

Guangxi DBN Farming and Animal Husbandry Food Co., Ltd. Under DBN Group will invests CNY440 million for a project to farm 500,000 pigs ecologically in Wugang, Hunan Province, with five sow farms, 2 fattening farms, and related facilities.


(Source: www., 8 Feburary 2018)

Australian Company SPC Ardmona Strategically Cooperates with Chinese Local Companies

Australian company SPC Ardmona has recently signed a strategic partnership contract with China State Farm Agriculture (CSFA) Holdings  Corporation in Shanghai, announcing its products including Goulburn Valley packaged fruits, SPC fruit cup and IXL jam are now entering officially China market. SPC products are now on Chinese e-commerce platform

(Source: Austrade, January 2018)

New Hope Group invests CNY3.2 billion for pig project in Inner Mongolia

New Hope Group plans to invest CNY3.2 billion to build a commercial pig-producing base in in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, with a capacity of producing 2 million pigs annually. The production base will include a GGP farm with 3,000 heads GGP, a GP farm with 12,000 heads GP, a PS farm with 72,000 heads PS, and a nursing and fattening farm with 0.72 million heads pigs. It’s estimated to produce more than 2 million heads of qualified fattening pigs annually.


Australia R&R Group Acquires Ekhidna Winery in McLaren Vale

In 22 January, Australia R&R Group acquired 100% Ekhidna Winery in McLaren Vale, South Australia. This acquisition includes Ekhidna winery and its 180 hectares vineyard, restaurant and cellar door. This acquisition will improve supply chain performance of the Group as well as being more responsive to increasing demand of wine in a global respective especially from China market.

Ekhidna winery is located in McLaren Vale in South Australia and many of its products have received score of 95 out of 100. Ekhidna winery was named after God Ekhidna Greece and also the same meaning of Ekhidna the anteater with excellent nose. So the winery has been promoting its products as excellent wine in Australia with outstanding flavor and quality.

(Source: Sohu News, 23 January 2018)

Ministry of Agriculture of People’s Republic of China has stopped accepting the application for registered number of approval for Olaquindox, Arsanilic acid, Roxarsone, including related crude drug and drug product.

Since 12th January 2018, Ministry of Agriculture of People’s Republic of China has stopped accepting the application for registered number of approval for Olaquindox, Arsanilic acid, Roxarsone, including related crude drug and drug product. After 1st May 2018, the production of these kinds of drug will be stopped in China, and the registered number of approval of related companies will be canceled. The product produced by 30th April 2018 can be circulated and used by 30th April 2019. After 1st May 2019, the operation and use of these drugs will be stopped in China.
(Minister of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China)


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